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Tool 3

Community Engagement


Tool 3: Community Engagement

As groups are convened, it is important to share motivations and expectations to join the group, to start a process of developing a collective intent for the activities of the group. Meanwhile, part of the ethos of PAR is to engage with issues through the experience and perspective of marginalised groups. Therefore, a key initial step in the formation of a collective intent for the group is to enable a process of collective immersion. This can be done by allowing marginalised and most vulnerable groups to frame and expose their experiences of climate change. This process of community engagement needs to be done ethically, avoiding the risk of extraction or instrumentalization of community interactions. Tool 3 offers a Fijian example of some different dimensions to consider for community engagement.


Principles & Steps of Participatory Action Research (PAR) 

Tool 3: Community Engagement 

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