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Climate-U Network Conference

Higher Education and the Climate Crisis

24 - 27 September, 2024


In partnership with Kenyatta University. Climate-U Network Lead Institution, 2024  

Climate-U Network Conference

Higher Education and the Climate Crisis

24 - 27 September, 2024

Venue: Kenyatta University Conference Centre,
Nairobi, Kenya / online


The Climate-U network brings together universities from around the world committed to working together to address the climate crisis. The network was born out of the Climate-U project (Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate) which ran from February 2020 - January 2024, funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund.


The aim of the network is to strengthen climate action and sustainability efforts within each institution and collaboratively given that the sustainability challenges traverse sectors and regions. Universities are central to the transformation of societies, through their unique role in professional development, knowledge production and public debate. While there has been increasing attention to the active role universities can play in recent years, and many institutions have made commitments to achieving carbon neutrality and just transitions, there is still a significant knowledge gap.


Building on the Higher Education and the Climate Crisis event held in London in October 2023, this conference provides a space for debate, exchange of ideas and sharing of new research on diverse aspects of the higher education-climate crisis-sustainability axis. It offers a platform for a range of activities that will include interactive seminars, workshops, research papers and poster presentations featuring interdisciplinary perspectives from prominent speakers and decision-makers in climate education.


The mode of the conference will be blended with both in-person events to be held at the Kenyatta University Conference Centre, Nairobi, and virtual participation.



The conference will take place between 24th and 27th September 2024 and will be organised as follows:


24th September 

Student-led activities

26th September 

Research papers, symposia and poster presentations

25th September


27th September

Policy dialogue (morning)
and excursions (afternoon)

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  1. Transdisciplinary approaches to addressing the Climate Crisis in Higher Education

  2. Sustainable Campus Initiatives and Best Practices

  3. Climate Justice, Intersectionality, Equity and Higher Education

  4. Indigenous Knowledge and Perspectives on the Climate Crisis

  5. Student Activism and Engagement for Climate Action

  6. Climate Communication, Policy, and Public Engagement Strategies

  7. The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  8. Sustainable Development and Community Partnerships


We would like to thank all applicants for their proposals and abstracts.

The call for submissions has now closed. 

Please join us by registering to attend the conference in-person or virtually.

Conference sub-themes

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Abstract submission has now closed.

Please join us by registering via the linked form below

Registration fees: 

In person attendance – $100 (USD)

Students (in person or online) – $50 (USD)

Online presenter – $50 (USD)

Online non-presenter – Free


General enquiries

General enquiries can be directed to:

Jackline Nyerere (,

Purity Muthoni ( or

Tristan McCowan (

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