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PAR - Kisii University

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Dr. George Ogendi (, the head of the PARG curriculum review technical team, to learn more about the Kisii University approach to mainstreaming climate change content into the curricula.

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Project Overview 

Kisii University PARG convenes diverse stakeholders along them university management, faculty members, students, community elders and the county governments of Kisii and Nyamira. Over the project period, the Kisii PARG has held consultative meetings both physically and virtually, during which various interventions have been floated. The Kisii PARG agreed on a curriculum intervention noting that it is ideal for reaching a big audience. The University curriculum presents an opportunity for students to acquire climate change knowledge and tools to engage in awareness creation and climate actions at the university and community levels. The members have so far introduced a new university common course, Introduction to climate change management, to be offered to all students in their first year of education.

Additionally, the Kisii PARG identified three feasible greening activities to support the curriculum intervention by exposing students to practical applications of climate action. The greening activities include; piloting the performance of TLUD micro-gasifiers for cooking in households, demonstrating the efficacy of energy-efficient and censored bulbs, and installing solar panels in the Sakawa building in Kisii University. During the piloting of the TLUD micro-gasifiers, the university, through the PARG, will donate 60 clean cook stoves to identified households in Kisii and Nyamira Counties. The primary purpose of the exercise will be to create awareness of the need for community members to use low-carbon emissions cook stoves to reduce the two counties' greenhouse gases emissions and contribution to the national profile. The adoption of TLUD micro-gasifiers is expected to reduce the rate of deforestation. Censored bulbs would significantly reduce the university electricity cost and reduce the ecological footprint of generating hydropower. The PARG aims to use the installation of solar panels in the Sakawa building to demonstrate to the university and community the efficient utilization of renewable energy with low carbon and ecological footprint.


Kisii University PARG meeting held on 13th January 2022.


Kisii University PARG curriculum review technical team and greening activity committee during a workshop held on 9th February 2022.

Kisii University PARG

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