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PAR - Tata Institute for Social Sciences (Hyderabad)



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Project Overview 

We are undertaking a review of curriculum on climate change through an interdisciplinary lens for post graduate students coming from diverse academic, socio-economic geographical backgrounds. We aim to carry out this review considering the India’s new National Education Policy (2020), and evolving knowledge on climate change. This will be carried out through participatory action research in consultation with the scientists from disciplines of Natural and Social Sciences, practitioners, youth and other important actors. The emphasis will not only be on basic but advanced learning on climate change with the inclusion of important analytical tools, and developing skills of postgraduate students in carrying out participatory action research on issues, concerns and challenges related to climate change. In addition to developing the curriculum, we would be tracing the learning process of key learning from this exercise.  

Rethinking higher education on climate change and sustainable development through an interdisciplinarity lens 

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