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Kenya Team

Jackline Nyerere

Co-Investigator, Kenya | Kenyatta University

Dr Jackline Nyerere is a Senior Lecturer of Educational Leadership and  Policy at Kenyatta University, Kenya. Her focus is on internationalisation of education, open and flexible learning, and sustainability.  Her recent studies include academic student mobility in Africa, the role of higher education in rural and urban development, and the role of higher education in building a sustainable African Society. She Co-Chairs the Education for Sustainable Development in Africa – Next Generation Research (ESDA-NGR) Network.

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Winniejoy Gatwiri Nkonge
Winniejoy Gatwiri

Research Associate | Kenyatta University

Winniejoy Gatwiri Nkonge is a Research Associate for the Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate research project. She is undertaking her PhD studies research on the provision of equality of opportunity through financing of public day secondary schools in Kenya. Previously she has worked as a research assistant in a number of projects both local and international. Her recent project involved data collection, analysis and report writing for a monitoring and learning programme in Somalia.

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Rachel Okinyi
Rachel Okinyi

Research Associate | Kenyatta University

Rachel Okinyi is a Research Associate for the Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate Research Project at Kenyatta University. Her masters thesis was on institutional resource utilization and internal efficiency of vocational institutions in Kenya. Rachel has served as a research assistant in a number of projects including the School Related Gender Based Violence among students in Kenya, Nigeria, Jamaica and Malawi, and the Early Childhood Development and health project with the Centre for Research and Innovation East Africa.

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Mwenda Ntarangwi

Country Advisor | Commission for University Education, Kenya

Professor Mwenda Ntarangwi serves as the Secretary and CEO of Commission for University Education in Kenya. He holds a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Illinois, USA, and MA and Bed degrees from Kenyatta University. Ntarangwi has been a scholar teacher and administrator for over three decades.  He is widely published on popular culture, youth, African Christianity, and the practice of anthropology, including forty one journal papers, book chapters and encyclopaedia entries, twenty eight book reviews and opinion pieces and more than one hundred conference papers and keynote speeches around the world.  His most recent (2016) book was 'The Street is my Pulpit: Hip Hop and Christianity in Kenya', published by University of Illinois Press.  Prof. Ntarangwi serves on a number of editorial boards for international journals including African Studies Review (US), Dialectical Anthropology (US), On Knowing Humanity Journal (US), The Sociological Quarterly (US) and AFRICA: Journal of the International African Institute (UK).

John Munderu Muchiri

Affiliate Researcher | Kenya Methodist University 

Dr Muchiri is the Director of Postgraduate Studies at Kenya Methodist University.  He is a published researcher and educationist in Agricultural Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Virology, Microbiology and Immunology. His focus is to promote knowledge generation and advancement in diverse fields for translation to products and/ or policy change. He has served as a member of National Physical Science Research Laboratory development taskforce, journal editorial and review. He is a Fulbright Scholar and member of state alumni association, USA. 

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Anakalo Shitandi 

Affiliate Researcher | Kisii University

Anakalo Shitandi is a full Professor of Microbiology and been engaged in research, teaching and outreach as a biological scientist. He currently serves as the Head of Research and extension department at Kisii University, Kenya. Amongst other research functions he seeks to coordinate the engagement of both social and natural scientists with diverse communities in South Western Kenya to mitigate exposure to climate variability and extremes. A focal area is linked to emerging pathogens which exhibit considerable capacity for generating, recombining and developing aggressiveness traits resulting from climate change. These efforts help to build capacity resilience and adaptive capacity that lessen the vulnerability of rural communities of the region. He received his BSc from Egerton University, Kenya, Postgraduate Diploma Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya and MSc and PhD degree from SLU-Uppsala, Sweden.  

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Godwin Opinde

Affiliate Researcher | Kenyatta University

Godwin Opinde is a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Planning and Management at Kenyatta University. He specialises in Environmental Planning with a focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation. His training is on education and environmental planning.  He has experience in environmental matters both in the  public service and academia.

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Wilson Mutuma

Affiliate Researcher | Kenyatta University

Wilson Mutuma is Lecturer of Educational Planning Policy at Kenyatta University, Kenya. He  holds a Doctorate Degree in Economics of Education and Educational Planning from Kenyatta University, and a Diploma in Project Management from the Kenya Institute of Management.

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Purity Muthoni

Affiliate Researcher | Kenyatta University

Purity Muthoni is a Tutorial Fellow in Environmental Planning and Management at Kenyatta University, Kenya. She holds a Master's of Science in Environmental Planning and Management and is currently working her doctoral thesis on ‘Environmental Sustainability Performance of Upgraded Settlements in Kenyan Cities’.

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