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Rosiana Lagi

Co-Investigator, Fiji | University of the South Pacific

Dr. Rosiana Kushila Lagi is a teacher by profession and an early career researcher who acquired her PhD in Education focused on the topic Na Bu: an exploratory study of Indigenous Knowledge of Climate Change and Education in Ovalau Fiji at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in 2015. Her interest in Indigenous Knowledge developed as she was growing up learning from her elders whose daily activities were dictated by the condition of their fenua environment. Currently, she is working with communities and teachers in Tuvalu on weaving in the Traditional Knowledge of Climate Change and best traditional practices in the school curriculum and community policies. In addition, she is working with the Foundation for Youth Development in researching and building capacity on lost traditional knowledge and skills of forecasting weather as well as mitigating and adapting to the environmental changes. Her other areas of interest include traditional approaches to research and teaching; Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change; teacher education in the South Pacific, Human Development and Vernacular Education.

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Filipe Veisa  

Research Associate | University of the South Pacific

Filipe Veisa is currently the Postgraduate Student Officer for the Climate Change program at The University of the South Pacific (USP) and a researcher under the Food Security/ Climate Change/ Disaster Risk at the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, USP. He is a Research Associate for the Transforming Universities for a Changing Climate research project.

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Apolosa Robaigau 

Research Associate | University of the South Pacific

Apolosa Robaigau is an Environmental Science Graduate and a passionate Conservationist and Climate Change Adaptation Practitioner. He currently works for WWF South Pacific Programme Office. He is a well-known environmental advocate renowned for cooperating with colleagues and supervisors in terms of campaigning environmental issues. He is also a core member of youth group (Sawana Youth Group) that focuses on natural resources management projects in our community and a member of our village emergency committee.